Design is more than Zeitgeist, it is an expression of innovation
and therefore plays an important role for MYLUMI ...

Individuality is getting more and more important. This value is supported by MYLUMI and their style creates a whole new individual way of life for everybody. MYLUMI is inspired by classics as well as by creative and innovative movements. MYLUMI turns to nature and the environment for stimulation and therefore traveling the globe striving to create unique artworks and designs for each client. Most importantly, MYLUMI is completely committed to quality and professionalism in all design creations.


Typoism is a fusion of the word ‘typography’ and the general suffix ‘-ism’ used to describe art movements. It’s the perfect term for MYLUMI’s ART. In Typoism words and thoughts are dissolved into letters, abstracted pictorial letter compositions that lead to a new optical synthesis.

Typography is vital and in its appearance close to simplicity, but with its immense diversity of forms a steady source of inspiration for MYLUMI. Each type has its very own character, beauty and expression and reflects our innermost connection to language and forms.

Subtle differences in alphabetic symbols and typo graphic forms let MYLUMI express diverse messages and emotions. They inspire MYLUMI to create whole new worlds of atmospheres, abstract compositions and environments on diverse materials. The strength of MYLUMI’s Typoism lies in the fact that there is a fluent transfer between a single letter or word to a pictorial composition which
fires the imagination of the beholder.

Typoism is art – from the very first stroke!