MYLUMI was founded in Stockholm/Sweden in the year 2003 and is now based in Berlin/Germany. Since then it has become a vital brand with its own unique character. Kerstin Nill and Sebastian Pehl are the artist duo who goes by the name of MYLUMI. 'MY’ stands for the individual side of things and ‘LUMI’ is the Finnish word meaning snow, which symbolizes the purist aspect of their creations.


Their style, which they themselves dub ‘typoism’, is a blend of graphic design, typography and visual forms. It is described as avant-garde and visionary. They create each piece of art together as a synthesis of their creative personalities.

Working stays in Amsterdam, Helsinki, Miami, Munich, New York, Paris, Rome, Stockholm, Tel Aviv, Tokyo ...

Ongoing partnership with BMW/MINI / artwork series for the brand ...

Studies of art and design at the universities of:


. Studies in Fine Arts: Prof. Hermann Waldenburg
. Studies in Typography: Prof. Rainer Frost
. Studies in Photography: Prof. Michael Jacobs
. Studies in Art History: Prof. Margarethe Krämer